Modular Construction Benefits

Modular construction has many advantages that are presented below:
• Reduces Waste- Modules are built using a controlled process, each stage is carefully planned and are usually optimized by the modular plant. Most of the waste produced is either recycled or re-used once frt pge 1again in the process, reducing the amount of waste being directed to our landfills.
• Increased Efficiency – Modular construction reduces the gaps on building, regulating the tightness of its construction. Tighter construction produces and increases the energetic efficiency of the building and induces a better indoor air quality.
• Superior Quality – Modular buildings should have a superior quality due to its controlled manufacturing process. Several inspections are made to modular building during the construction process reducing potential risks associated with poor building performance.
• Saves Time – One of the most important benefits of modular building is the speed increase that they produce to the overall job construction. However, it is very important to monitor closely all progress on the manufacturing plants, all them, to assure that construction progress of modules is following scheduling requirements. The return of investment is achieved sooner due to fast construction process. frt pge 2
• Saves Money – Faster construction means less money being paid. Completing a modular building so fast, will reduce the amount of money being paid as interest, lower general conditions, and will also produce savings when completed because modular buildings are energy efficient.
• Environmental Friendly- Modules being built off-site will reduce the environmental impact on the job site. Safer conditions, fewer workers and less construction-generated dust will also be obtained when using modules. This will also reduce safety and environmental violations to laws and regulations.
• Planning- Less change orders will be issued when using modular buildings. Details and specific architectural designs can be carefully reviewed during the manufacturing process, and a greater detailed product should be obtained.


 Save Time! Save Money! Go Modular! 


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